What We Do

The Behaviour Company uses the science of human behaviour, specifically the teaching
methodology of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Intensive Behaviour Intervention
strategies to provide comprehensive approaches to improve the quality of life for
children and youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our aim is to improve the
physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the children and youth we
work with. Our team of qualified clinicians and therapists will develop a unique and
individualized evidence-based program to meet your child’s specific needs.

What is ABA?
ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis, which is a structured and systematic
teaching methodology based on learning theory that teaches new skills and decreases
challenging behaviours.

What is IBI?
Intensive Behaviour Intervention is a treatment program for children and youth on the
Autism Spectrum. It is based on the principles of ABA. The goals of IBI is to significantly
improve the overall functioning and developmental trajectory for a child. As the name
implies, the intervention is intensive with 20-40 hours per week of therapy. It involves
teaching across all developmental domains including communication, social skills, pre-
academic, academic, life skills and adaptive skills. Services are delivered by a trained
therapist, supervised by a senior clinician and overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour

Family Involvement
As part of our ABA & IBI programs, family involvement is instrumental and mandatory. A
senior clinician works with caregivers so they can support their child in achieving and
maintaining their goals.

What to Expect
When a family retains The Behaviour Company as their service provider (private or
through OAP funding), they can expect a thorough developmental assessment and
subsequent Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Behaviour Support Plan (BSP), ongoing
monitoring of progress through data collection and analysis and reassessments every 6
months. As an approved OAP provider in Ontario, funding received by families can be
used for ABA & IBI services.

Funding for Services
The Government of Ontario provides funding for children under the age of 18 who have
an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis by a qualified professional. Legal guardians must apply
online and complete the Ontario Autism Program registration form. Full information on
OAP funding options and programs can be found here.