Behaviour Therapist Supervision

Our Director takes pride in helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals in behaviour analysis. If you’re looking for supervision to earn your BCaBA or BCBA credentials, or need supervision to maintain your RBT certification, contact Zainab today at

If you’re an employer with therapists and considering certifying your staff or maintaining their certification, contact Zainab to discuss group rates on staff training and supervision. If you’re interested in learning more about the Behavior Analysis Certification Board – visit

Behavioural Services & Specialized Programs

Functional Behaviour Assessments

Our team of behaviour analysts and therapists work with families, teachers, and other professionals to deal with specific challenging behaviours that are barriers to improving a person’s quality of life. Children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities or mental health issues often engage in serious behaviours that require more specialized and intensive treatment. Our clinical staff use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to systematically analyze the reasons for maladaptive behaviours, and develop comprehensive plans to help teach more appropriate ones.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

We offer clinical supervision and consultation for agencies that provide Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services to children, youth and adults. Agencies that often require this service include adult day program, adult residential programs, developmental disability service agencies, and mental health agencies.